What type of roofing materials do you use?

Metal, Shingle T.P.O., Silicon, Cap Sheet

How long does replacing a roof typically take?

One to two weeks depending on it it's a complete reroof.

How can we get an estimate?

Email or call to set an appointment.

Do we have to be out of the house when you are replacing the roof?

No, leaving your home is not necessary.

Can I remove ice from my roof?

It is better to wait until it melts.

What are ice dams?

Ice build-up on the eaves of sloped roofs of heated buildings that result from melting snow under a snow pack reaching the eave and freezing there.

How do you calculate the amount of shingles I will need for my roof?

Measure the length and widths of each plane on the roof (including dormers) then multiply length times width.

Why is there discoloring in my roof?

Usually high humidity areas have these problems.

What kind of ventilation can I use on my roof?

Two ventilation options, intake vents and exhaust vents.

Should I paint my house before siding takes place?

It is always best to paint your home after carpenter repairs are completed.

Will siding crack or fade?

Yes, siding will crack if not coated. Siding as well as other building products are likely to fade as a result of sun exposure.

How often do I need to replace siding?

10 to 15 years. If you go beyond that, your siding probably isn't going to be as effective as it once was.

Is a full siding job the only option?

There are many options to siding replacement. Please call for more details.

What siding material do you recommend using?

Calpboard siding with Western red cedar, and or redwood is a great option. However Synthetic Stucco is always the best choice.

Is there Maintenance involved after a siding job?

Power washing, staining and or painting is always advisable for any substance.

My home was damaged by hail, what is the turn time to fix this?

Depending on the damage and insurance companies, will vary.

I got my check from the insurance adjuster for hail damage, now what?

Once you receive funding from your adjuster, simple deposit and once your funds clear, simply call to schedule.

Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?

Our firm works with and around your insurance company to assure a fair and accurate assessment of your damages.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Our quality, proven reliability, warranties, workmanship, and community notability.