Stop That Trickle Before it Becomes a Flood - Schedule Our Flat Roof Repair Services in Santa Fe or Los Alamos, NM

Schedule timely flat roof repair services in Santa Fe & Los Alamos, NM

While flat roofs are a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings in the Santa Fe & Los Alamos, NM area because they're functional and sturdy, they're also more susceptible to leaks. If your flat roof isn't draining properly, rain and snow buildup can cause major problems for your structure. Luckily, you can rely on the pros at Always Construction Services for prompt flat roof repair work. We can patch up existing leaks and prevent future ones. Is your flat roof leaking? Contact us today to get an estimate on repairs.

3 signs it's time to call a roofing contractor

It's likely your flat roof is leaking if you notice:

  1. Stains, bubbling or peeling wallpaper inside your building.
  2. Peeling paint, wet spots or discoloration on your structure's exterior.
  3. Visible drips or puddles in places that were previously dry.
Schedule flat roof repair services at your home or commercial facility in the Santa Fe or Los Alamos, NM area. Call 505-577-8503 now.